Big Bald Change

May 31 is the big day- shave day! The annual Portland St. Baldrick’s event is happening. In the spirit of giving, and of change, I’ll shave my head that day. Generous friends and family have donated to the children’s cancer charity to support the cause, and, I’m sure, for the sport of seeing my “after” photo.

The responses to my news have ranged from “you’re brave” to “you’re crazy.” Neither really captures my feelings about being bald. Mostly I’m just curious. Curious about the feeling, the freedom, the total commitment. At least for a while, I will no longer be able to hide behind my hair, to pretend I’m invisible. It will be impossible not to stand out.

St. Baldrick’s  Foundation is a fantastic research charity aimed at finding a cure for cancer. If you are curious about their mission or would like to donate under my shavee page, click here: