Chapter One Sampler

From Through the Ganesh Gate


The passport slipped from Maddy’s fingers and her world blurred for a moment. The crisp, blank pages fluttered for an instant before they collided with the cold tile floor. She stood at her kitchen counter staring down at it. The passport was new, stiff and formal; the gold eagle embossed in profile. She lifted herself, pressed her palms to her forehead and leaned into her hands with a groan. What had she gotten herself into? She was not a world traveler, or any kind of traveler for that matter. Why had she agreed to this trip?

And then there was Richard. They barely got along at home even with all the built-in distractions. How were they going to travel together without killing one another? Maddy felt a sickening panic rise in her chest like a kettle nearing a boil. She wanted to scream, to run, but as always, she took a deep breath to slow her racing heart. She wiped her watering eyes and picked up the passport again. She would find a way to get through this. Maybe she would even enjoy seeing the world. If she could make it to Nepal, she could walk and walk for days. She would just have to hold it together until then; everything will be alright, she muttered.

Melanie Serpa
Through the Ganesh Gate