The Gift of Travel

My son was recently accepted to his dream university in Leeds, UK to play in soccer academy, and I am suddenly filled with the excited anticipation of traveling again. It’s difficult to believe that it has been 20 years since my maiden voyage around the world. The stories, people, markets, sights, and food came back to life as I wrote my novel, Through the Ganesh Gate, but over the years it felt like my journey was purely a work of fiction.

Now, with the upcoming trip to Europe, I recall the delicious anticipation of stepping off the train in a new city; feeling the currency, listening to the accents from all over the world, and learning the history of foreign cultures. I remember the feeling of studying maps and train
schedules, and dreaming about how to pack gear in the most space efficient manner possible. I reminisce in the feeling of standing in a monolithic church that has stood for thousands of years.

Perhaps I am using my travel excitement to stave off the fact that my one and only child will be moving half way around the world. If I linger with this knowledge, the lump in my throat become too great to bear. So for now, I will silently thank my son for giving me yet one more gift: a reason to travel again.