The New Midlife Crisis

Are the good old days of buying a sports car and having an affair at midlife over?

Sure the sizzle of new red paint and driving fast with the top down still has its appeal, but in reality, the adrenalin blast is short-lived and frankly a little nauseating. I can only speak for myself as a mid-forty’s, mid-income, mid-attractive woman: I don’t have the energy to have an affair, nor the desire to implode my life in order to discover my real self.

So what now?

From reading tweets, posts, and talking to friends, there seems to be a move away from destructive, life changing events in lieu of a more subtle, internal shift. The new midlife crisis is positive; more grounded in change not as an act of rebellion, but one of exploration and growth. The drive to create, learn, and emotionally grow has squelched any carnal whispers of a secret rendezvous. The desire for fulfillment through authenticity and meaning is astoundingly stronger than change through separation or pain.

The new midlife crisis has a shiny silver lining. It involves travel to new places, deeper investment in good relationships, painting, dancing, writing, and acting without fear. Most importantly, this new approach is filled with emotional truth that feels not like an option, but an existential necessity. So welcome to the new, brighter and more hopeful face of midlife, and let’s say goodbye to the whole crisis thing.